Our Philosophy

HG Mold Maintenance wishes to maintain a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all employees. Maintaining such an environment is the responsibility of every employee. Because of their role, managers and foremen have the additional responsibility to lead in a manner which fosters an environment of respect for each person.


(See our Mission Statement here)
  • Foster cooperation and communication among each other
  • Treat each other in a fair manner, with dignity and respect
  • Promote harmony and teamwork in all relationships
  • Strive for mutual understanding of standards for performance expectations, and communicate routinely to reinforce that understanding
  • Encourage and consider opinions of other employees or members, and invite their participation in decisions that affect their work and their careers
  • Encourage growth and development of employees by helping them achieve their personal goals at HG Mold Maintenance and beyond
  • Seek to avoid workplace conflict, and if it occurs, respond fairly and quickly to provide the means to resolve it
  • Administer all policies equitably and fairly, recognizing that jobs are different but each is important; that individual performance should be recognized and measured against predetermined standards; and that each employee has the right to fair treatment
  • Recognize that employees in their personal lives may experience a crisis and to show compassion and understanding

HG Mold Maintenance cc was formed in May 2001 as a result of obtaining the outsourcing contract at Goodyear SA to provide the entire spectrum of their tyre mould maintenance.


We are proud of the fact that we are the only Company that the Goodyear organisation worldwide has outsourced to.


Due to the outstanding success and cost savings we are successful in providing already 13 years of service to our client.

Our History

HG Mold Maintenance cc invested in a building in the RKA Industrial Park, Uitenhage, in January 2013 where we have set-up a fully equipped machine shop to provide quality service and delivery for a wider range of industries than just the tyre industry in South Africa.


Part of our new service is not only concentrated on tyre molds but also includes general machine maintenance, press overhauls and the production of a variety of other products as required by customers.


We have well trained artisans and can provide mechanical and electrical press maintenance.


We have invested in CNC machinery and equipment to provide our customers the facility of a state of the art machine shop which guarantees speedy deliveries and a 24 hour service.


Included in our investments are 2 x CO2 ice blasting machines of which one is a Cold Jet for the cleaning of tyre moulds in and outside the presses.


In March 2015 the company bought their own building which is situated in the Kruisrivier Industrial area on the corner of Benz and Bell Street and was previously the property of Kilian’s Engineering, whose owner has decided that it was time for retirement and therefore has sold the buildings to us.