About Us

HG Mold Maintenance strives to provide products and services at a level of quality and price which will guarantee our position as the leading tyre mould manufacturing and servicing facility and general machining and fabrication facility in the region.

Zero Accidents

We strive daily to keep the spirit of continuous improvement alive within us, it is the vehicle with which we achieve optimum health and safety performance and with which we will achieve our goal of zero accidents.

Employees and Community

We apply the same philosophy to the care and development of, and investment in, our employees, community and other stakeholders – so as to ensure their health and wellness, the discovery of their true and full potential and the sustainability of, and respect for, our earth.

Quality Training and Services

The management team is committed to the implementation of the quality management system and to the training of personnel to ensure that the system is adequately maintained and that the quality policy is communicated and understood throughout the organization.


At HG Mold Maintenance cc we provide, but are not limited to, the following products and services to our clients:





Preparation for production

Mould tuning


Mould History

TIR Mould measurement

General factory maintenance and machining

90% of all mould repairs are done by us on site


Sidewall plates

TLR rings / MR rings / MLR rings / BCR rings

Mould related spares

General machining

Press Maintenance

Machine parts

All aluminium slugs with engraving


Fully equipped machine shop

CNC (Milling & Turning)

Manual machines

Boring mills 72” & 48”

Mig & Tig welding

Radial arm drills

Critical spares store


Edge Cam

Auto Cad

Mechanical Desktop